December 4, 2023
Shravan Gupta

Shravan Gupta MGF

The Future of Real Estate in 2022 by Shravan Gupta

India’s real estate market is looking upwards again. This has baffled both experts and real estate insiders. These are promising signs in pandemics where any kind of revival is unexpected.  It won’t be wrong to say that 2022 will be a good year for real estate. According to Shravan Gupta, it will be the most progressive year for real estate in terms of residential and commercial property.

 The reality is that today more consumers are willing to invest in a property of their own. In the year 2022 will see more buying in Metropolitan as well as mid-level cities.  A small city holds its charm and is relishing its real potential now. Some studies suggest that the same house in a Metropolitan will cost more.

 These changes are visible due to enhanced consumer trust. Parameters to judge these factors are:

· Sales have been enhanced in the last FY 2021

 It has been noticed that most houses were sold in the period between January and September 2021. One can pinpoint straight to initiatives like Government schemes, Builders incentivized buying. Amongst these, it is the strong economic reforms prompted by the Government for the Real Estate sector. The government played a key role as it lowered the home loan interest rate. Shravan Gupta feels this will be fruitful in the long run. And will bring more buyers to the market.

 ·   More affordability

 Experts like Shravan Gupta have analyzed the market and suggested that home loans are at an all-time low. Most Nationalized banks are offering loans for as low as 6.5%. This has boosted the confidence of new and first-time buyers. The housing sector will grow by more than 40% in the coming months.

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