June 17, 2024

By Shravan Gupta.

Real estate is the ultimate game changer and change maker. This is true for both the commercial and housing sector. In the year 2022, Indian real estate trends witnessed some change. Most Real estate experts acknowledge that real estate is the most globally recognized sector. Some statistics suggest that real estate is the second highest employment generator. Shravan Gupta has acknowledged the growth of this sector and is bullish about it.

In the long haul, it holds the potential to be the new story. Some cities where this trend is noticeable are Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Pune and tier 2 cities.

Some essential changes in the real estate are:

  • Enhanced market size- The size of real estate has grown tremendously this year. This is an encouraging sign for Indian real estate. Such a change is bound to continue till the end of 2022. Some factors responsible for growth in this sector are:

– Foreign investments- India is being viewed as a favorable market by investors. This has encouraged more foreign investors to invest in real estate.

– Hospitality sector- Some major changes have come in real estate due to the expansion of the hospitality sector. As there is demand for larger spaces and focus has shifted to newer commercial buildings.

– New houses- Post pandemic, more and more people are looking for large spaces. This has increased the demand for larger houses and encouraged builders like Shravan Gupta to make large apartments.

  • New investments- Real estate has emerged as the ultimate choice for investment. We are seeing heightened demand for new residential and office complexes. Being dubbed as the real game-changer for the Indian real estate sector. It holds the optimum potential to be the ultimate pathbreaker for builders like Shravan Gupta. This change has proven beneficial and boosted the real estate market in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

Market experts feel that this sector will grow more in the next 3 years.

  • Future trends- The future is indeed very bright for the Indian real estate sector. Such changes are attributed to schemes like PMAY and low-interest rates. Low home loan interest rates have drawn first-time buyers as they have realised the value of owning a home. This has encouraged real estate builders like Shravan Gupta to expand their vision.

Real estate experts feel this trend will continue for a few more months. It will also increase the demand for housing and the real estate sector.

In Conclusion.

It won’t be wrong to assume that strong and positive momentum is a good indicator for Indian real estate. Shravan Gupta feels this upward surge will continue till next year. The time is right to own a home as it is an ideal form of investment option and a constant source of income.

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